Three totally new and in no way past it bands set for The Great Escape

April 16, 2009 at 12:17 pm (Gigs, Music)

Brighton’s Great Escape festival confirmed its reputation as Europe’s premier showcase for new music this week with several new additions to its bill.

Leed's Gang of Four

Leed's Gang of Four

First up, we have a fiery collection of young upstarts from Leeds named ‘Gang of Four‘. The hotly tipped newcomers play a tight mix of punk, funk and dub reggae, and punctuate their songs with political sloganeering so obscure as to seem almost outdated from the first listen. The band have been described by David Fricke as ”probably the best politically motivated dance band in rock & roll”, but to me they sound like a poor Fugazi rip off.

The Charlatans, yesterday.

The Charlatans, yesterday.

Joining them on the journey down to the coast are the exciting, and in no way really old West Midlands quintet ‘The Charlatans’. With an average age of just 15, the band are at the forefront of the new ‘baggy’ movement, and have seen their debut single “Indian Rope” used in E4’s intelligent new  youth drama show ‘Holyoaks’, as well as adverts for the new Nokia 1011 mobile phone.

Finally, from the newly created city of Edinburgh come shouty indie band ‘Idlewild’. Taking their name from the fictional setting of soon to be released novel ‘Anne of Green Gables‘, the bands angular sound has been described by underground music journal the NME as ”the sound of a flight of stairs falling down a flight of stairs”. The band hope to release their debut album ‘Hope is Important’ in the coming months, and say the title is a reference to Scotland’s new found independence.

Scotland, free at last

Scotland, free at last


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